Next Chapter Solutions does not sell hardware, but we can give you some suggestions on what works with the software that we recommend. View the item details for amazon pricing.

20 Rolls - 1 X 2-1/8 Spartan Industrial DYMO

20 Rolls - Fade Resistant & Reliable: Spartan Industrial Labels these labels are perfect as barcode ...

$47.76 ea.

Barcode Reader Honeywell Voyager 1602g

Wireless Pocket Scanners

$358.90 ea.
$319.40 ea.

Barcode Reader Motorola DS9208

Hands-free Presentation Imager and Scanner

$302.50 ea.

Barcode Reader Socket Mobile 7Di Durable Bluetooth

Portable 2D and 1D barcode scanner. Small, lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Barcode Reader Symcode 2D Mini Bluetooth Wireless

Compatible with POS/Android/IOS/ Imac/Ipad.

$90.00 ea.

Barcode Reader Symcode Wired Hands Free 2D

1D & 2D (QR) Code readers. Hands free!

$90.00 ea.

Garden Pens

fast drying, waterproof, and contain a UV filter for maximum fade resistance. The Garden Pen garden ...

$0.00 ea.

Honeywell Captuvo Sled for iPad Mini

Very durable! Includes mag-swipe and mobile computing.

$650.00 ea.

iPad Pro 11 Dispensary Hardware Bundle

iPad Pro 11" - Complete POS Hardware Dispensary - Bundle

Label Dymo 450 Turbo Thermal Label Printer

The most efficient solution for your professional labeling, filing and mailing needs.

$120.00 ea.

Label Dymo Printer - TWIN Turbo 450

Double your Label Printing Efficiency

$150.00 ea.

Label Zebra GC420t Monochrome Desktop

Monochrome Desktop Direct Thermal/Thermal Transfer Label Printer

$290.00 ea.

Plant Tags

These plant tags are great for plant labeling. They are weather proof plant tags great for marijuana ...

$68.48 ea.

Receipt Printer - Star TSP100III

POS Receipt Printer

$215.00 ea.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 inch or 10 inch Bundle

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 inch or 10 inch Bundle